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Mariam Foundation Holds Solidarity Demonstration Titled "Voices From Gaza" to Highlight the Plight of Cancer Patients in Gaza

On Tuesday, June 11th, the Mariam Foundation for Fighting Cancer held a demonstration in solidarity with cancer patients from Gaza "Voices from Gaza" at its center in Ramallah, in collaboration with the Municipality of Ramallah and Augusta Victoria Hospital. The demonstration saw a wide turnout and focused on delivering and presenting real messages received by the foundation from patients during the war. Over 10,000 cancer patients in Gaza are currently without proper treatment or adequate food.

Mr. Mohammad Hamed, CEO of the Mariam Foundation, expressed his deep gratitude to the attendees, calling for more public support for Gaza's cancer patients by providing medicine. He also announced the Mariam Foundation's campaign to deliver medical support to Gaza's cancer patients in partnership with Augusta Victoria Hospital and stressed on being united to support our people in Gaza and halt the ongoing genocide.

Dr. Fadi Al-Atrash, Director of Augusta Victoria Hospital, expressed his frustration over the inability of Gaza’s cancer patients to receive treatment at the hospital. He emphasized the importance of allowing these patients to return to the hospital, which he deemed the best solution for their treatment.

This demonstration is part of the Mariam Foundation’s campaign to provide treatment and medicine for Gaza’s cancer patients. The campaign has supported Gaza's patients with over $350,000, which has been used to provide medications, food parcels, and water purification, as well as to support stranded patients from Gaza by accompanying them and providing them with living expenses.


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