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Mariam Fund


Offering annually over


Financial assistance for cancer patients, covering medical expenses and securing new cancer related medical devices for hospitals 


Medical expenses

In many cases, medical bills can be very high, especially when not covered by medical insurances. Mariam Foundation steps in and tries to cover medical expenses such as for medications and tests for cancer patients.

Image by Josh Appel

Financial Assistance

Mariam Foundation provides over $500,000 annually in financial support to cancer patients with the goal of alleviating the economic burden on families, enabling them to continue their fight against the disease. Fighting cancer can impose a significant economic burden on families, including treatment costs, travel expenses, and even the need to stop working


Medical devices

Mariam Foundation works on securing the newest medical devices such as mammogram machines and others for hospitals and healthcare services, in order to complete the image of medical awareness for society, to help facilitate medical services and tests and make them as easy as possible.

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