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Hayat Festival

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Honoring past and present cancer patients publicly, while sending an awareness message to the whole world: Cancer does not mean death!


Honoring our heroes

One of the objectives of this festival is honoring cancer patients, whom we call heroes, for their bravery and persistence in fighting cancer and overcoming it, as fighting cancer also relies on high morals and mental health.


Sharing experiences

During the festivals, past cancer patients rise up the stage Infront of hundreds of people to talk about their experience, shedding a light on the journey they went through and  stressing the fact that there is life with and after cancer.


Social Change

The acts of sharing experiences and shedding a light on survivors story have 2 objectives: First, is to break stereotypes about cancer in society, and second is sending a message of encouragement to current cancer patients, that there is hope, fight on!

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