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Mariam Library


Publishing children's stories that aim to raise awareness for cancer among children, as well as translating information booklets into Arabic

Namour, The little Hero

The book tells the story of Namour, who is facing a new reality since his diagnosis with cancer, from being with friends at school to being all day at the hospital. The story tells the events of him slowly accepting the new situation, despite the hardships, the pain, the pills taste and being at the hospital. Eventually, he makes new friends at hospital and deals with cancer with bravery untill beating it.

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My Mother's Braid


This book tells the story of a  little girl who her mother has cancer. It tells the events of her mother being diagnosed and how the parents breaks the news for her. Being very attached to her mother's hair, she finds it really hard to cope with the situation, at first. Eventually, she goes with her mother to the hairdresser to cut her hair, and as she helps her in doing so, she keeps her mother's braid with her to stay strong and be there for her mother..

The purpose of both stories is to raise awareness for cancer among children in a way that talks to the child in his own words and imagination. Explaining what cancer is for children requires different methods than dealing with adults, and that's what these stories are designed for. 

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