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Mariam Ambassador Dr. Marian Khatib selected as President of Mariam Doctors Project

Mariam Foundation is pleased to announce Dr. Marian Khatib's designation as the President of the Mariam Doctors project.

Dr. Marian, esteemed for her proficiency in breast surgery and presently serving as the Head of the Breast Surgery Department at Ichilov Hospital, will play a pivotal role in formulating and implementing innovative strategies within the Mariam Doctors project.

Mariam Foundation's objective, through this project, is to bolster cancer awareness and provide medical support and knowledge to the community. With Dr. Marian leading this project, we have every confidence in her ability to excel in this new role.

Mariam Foundation extends its warmest congratulations to Dr. Marian on her new leadership role and commends her steadfast commitment to community service and health awareness


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