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CIDO and Mariam Foundation partnership to save children in Palestine.

Our ambassadors in Canada, the CIDO organization and its CEO Shawky Fahel  hosted the CEO of Mariam Foundation Mohamed Hamed in Canada for a special event and gathering with all of its supporters and partners.

As a part of this partnership, CIDO has pledged to raise $100,000 to Mariam Foundation this year to support its efforts, and has already donated $25,000 to Mariam Foundation.

During the event, and as a sign of gratitude and honor, CEO of Mariam Foundation has appointed Shawky Fahel to be the first Canadian Mariam Ambassador of the Mariam Foundation. Since the start the relationship between the two entities, Shawky has expressed a deep connection and passion for the cause of the Mariam Foundation. Since then, he pledged to help in every way possible and use all means available to gather support for the Mariam Foundation and its cause. Being so, Mohamed Hamed has appointed him as an honorary ambassador in Canada and gifted him the signature pink scarf of the Mariam Foundation. We are proud and honored to have Shawky Fahel as a supporter and a believer in our cause, standing by us means a lot to us and would enable us to continue our journey fighting cancer and saving lives.

Thank you to the CIDO board and its CEO Shawky Fahel for  hosting us and for their belief and support in the Mariam Foundation.


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